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About u.a about causes, symptoms and treatments for glaucoma on the topic of glaucoma (glaucoma) – consult therapy. Glaucoma (glaucoma) is a dangerous disease, which increases the internal eye pressure. The missing treatment causes the reduction of vision to full blindness. The patient noticed no changes in vision a long time while the glaucoma already negatively affects the optic nerve. Special attention should be given to the early diagnosis of glaucoma, the earlier glaucoma is discovered, there are more chances to keep the vision. Chronic disease of the eye glaucoma is a chronic, progressive disease.

If glaucoma is diagnosed once, so it remains for the whole life and can lead to full blindness. The struggle with Glaucoma can only be successful, if it is regularly and in a timely manner to control of the eyes in the clinic; noticed it the first symptoms, a doctor immediately looking for. The patient must also the modern possibilities of medicine know well. Methodology of treatment (glaucoma) the task of any methodology for the treatment of glaucoma is the normalization of intraocular pressure. Today there are three directions of the treatment of given disorder: medication, laser and surgery. The individual scheme of treatment of glaucoma is selected for each patient. It depends on the stage of the disease and the presence of accompanying pathology of the form.

The conservative treatment with the application of eye drops can be used on the early stages of glaucoma. When an operation is required if it has failed to normalize the internal eye pressure with the help of the drop, will need an operation. Nowadays, a treatment can be different. The glaucoma with laser beam can be operated in addition to the traditional “Blade surgery”. The selection of the method of surgery is the surgeon, he must take into account many criteria here. The diagnosis in the majority of children can right after the diagnosis congenital glaucoma are suspected of giving birth. The diagnosis only with 6 months can be determined in other cases, if the glaucoma gradually developed. In any case, congenital glaucoma belongs to the pathology of the first year of the child. The early diagnosis early diagnosis of this serious pathology of the eye has a colossal meaning for the successful treatment and the positive forecast for the vision of the child in the future. When a suspicion the kid in the hospital examines the presence of glaucoma in the child, in addition. The diagnosis is clear, is also immediately surgically treated. Origin of the for clarifying the origin of glaucoma, doctors perform a detailed research of the pregnancy for the mother, especially in the first three months. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch addresses the importance of the matter here. It must be noted, whether it was a toxic, infectious disease, whether it was professionally, or taking certain medications. You also notice whether there have been similar cases of glaucoma in the close relatives of the child. The congenital Glaucoma can be not only as an independently existing disease, but also a part of various pathological syndromes. The syndromes are all congenital, usually to hereditary conditions. The syndromes are usually the name of the author, who had brought them for the first time on the day and described in detail.

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