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German Dolphin Advocates Celebrate Closing Of Turkey Delicacy

Whale and dolphin protection forum and ProWal in Turkey in the fight against Dolphinariums successfully the Mayor of Turkish city of Bodrum, Mehmet Kocadon, told the business leaders of the dolphin protection organizations ProWal, Andreas Morlok, and Jurgen Obodo from the whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF), in an official letter by May 2, 2011 with, that he can guarantee that the Dolphin Park in Bodrum is closed. For even more analysis, hear from here. Mehmet Kocadon: I can feel your worries and concerns about the dolphins and their environment with all my heart and I feel with you. I would like to assure you that this Dolphin Park in Bodrum in the future will no longer exist. I guarantee you that the dolphins imprisoned in Bodrum, definitely will get their freedom.” Activists of the two organizations had carried out a 2,000-kilometer protest trip to all nine Dolphinariums in Turkey in April 2011. While delegations of the Dolphin protector held discussions, one with mayors of the cities of delicacy To bring about closure of plants. The animal had submitted film and photographs the Bodrum Mayor Mehmet Kocadon from the Dolphinarium, which showed that four dolphins in the smallest space in sea cages are kept.

The marine mammals would be offered according to the operator for swimming with children and alleged therapy purposes. The wild caught dolphins would managed by hobby not medically trained therapists, so the statement of animal rights activists. Deep scars and ridged head areas promoted rank fights and breakout attempts of wild animals. “WDSF’s Managing Director Jurgen Obodo: swimming with dolphins or so-called Dolphin therapy, can be life-threatening because the animals with their 200-kilogram weight in captivity are unpredictable.” Once in the town of Marmaris of the Manager of Onmega Dolphin therapy & activity reviled Center “before current Manager, Turgay Annie, the Dolphin demonstrators TV camera as mindless morons” and the Mayor of Marmaris, Zeki Erin, a conversation with the dolphin conservation organisation, rejected the animal rights activists urged Marmaris now worldwide the boycott of the resort. In Marmaris, the dolphins as well as in Bodrum in sea plots would held and abused for swims and therapies. The Mayor of Alanya, Hasan Sipahioglu was also denied.

In his”delicacy died in the last year of four dolphins within a few days. Submitting a copy of a written contract, the WDSF could prove that the delicacy in Alanya previously had imported ten dolphins from the bloody Dolphin hunt in taiji/Japan for a special price of $ 280,000. The mayors of other Dolphinariums cities Turkler/Alanya (Hayri Cavusoglu), Belek (Aslan Torun), Kemer (Mustafa Gul), Kas (Birol Engin) and Deputy Governor in Antalya (Metin Balogun) impressed in conversation with the WDSF – and ProWal delegation of the photo – and film documentaries and pledged immediate review and remedy. The Dolphin advocates hope after the decision of the Bodrum Mayor on the closure of all Dolphinariums in Turkey. WDSF achieved in Germany and ProWal the end of Dolphinariums in Munster and at the Heide-Park Soltau. A planned delicacy was not even built on Rugen after their intervention. Their actions and communicate with relevant decision makers of Dolphinariums do extend worldwide it. After the German tour operator, promised the two animal protection organizations to offer more to no delicacy tours in Turkey, the ranks of the Dolphinariums remain now largely empty.

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