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Federal Constitution

The launching of the Federal Constitution of 1988 meant a great advance in educational terms in Brazil, therefore it guarantees and it considers significant advances for pertaining to school education, glimpses the citizenship and the dignity of the person human being (art.1, interpolated propositions II and III) as one of its basic ends: the promotion of the good of all, without preconception of origin, race, sex, color, age, and any other forms of discrimination (art. 3, interpolated proposition IV) and also guarantee the right the equality (art.5) and treat in article 205 and following, of the right of all to the education. This right must detach ' ' the full development of the person, its preparation for the citizenship and its qualification for trabalho' '. Moreover, it foresees equality of conditions, access and permanence in the school ' ' (art.206, interpolated proposition I). The Convention of Guatemala, dated of 28 of May of 1999, it foresees the elimination of all the forms of discrimination against people with deficiency and the aiding of its integration in the society, defines the discrimination and of the other steps. It still has the Declaration of dated Salamanca of 1994, esata declaration deals with the Principles, Practical Politics and in Education Special. One is about a resolution of United Nations adopted in General meeting, which presents Procedure-Standard of United Nations for the Equalizao de Oportunidades for Carrying People of Deficiencies. The Declaration of Salamanca is considered world-wide one of the most important documents that aim at the social inclusion Thus, the deficient one must be considered as an equal being to the other children, living as the others and receiving inside from an educational establishment its educational formation. Considering the pertaining to school inclusion as a gradual and dynamic process, the educative-pertaining to school integration mentions the process to it educate-to teach, in the same group, only having the care to observe the difficulties of each one in particular.

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