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Where do the trip for the job? The College directly into the dream job – this is the dream of many graduates. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jonah Bloom. However, it is unclear for many in which direction exactly the trip should go. The same applies to workers who are planning a change of job or mothers who try to return. The least know specifically what should be the next step towards the professional future. Find a job, many applicants focus on the jobs. What positions are free? What companies just make? What is possible with the existing experiences and qualifications? You forget that the employer market especially in a workers market changes and many opportunities waiting for the hidden job market.

But even to conquer the hidden labour market, it is necessary to be clear about the own professional goals, wishes and visions. Viktoria Balensiefen, Headhunter and coach, knows that: many of my candidates know they want to switch to. Or ‘ any company’ Enter after graduation. But the least know concretely, what exactly they want.” It is recommended to turn the tables and it proposes a 3-step plan. Level: Your profile determine: what can I do? What experience do I bring? Where are my strengths and talents? For the creation of a comprehensive professional profile, E.g. training, experience and successes in previous positions, language skills, stays abroad, and special skills such as SAP skills or knowledge of HTML programming include level: what do I want (and what not)? The question of what specific position is crucial here. Can be differentiated between long-term and short-term objectives, the short-term goal for the long-term should fit. Desired positions could for example be: an access point as a trainee with focus on finance / controlling, a team leader position as product manager in the field of consumer electronics or a position as Executive Officer in the field of research & development.

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