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Espirito Santo

Christian or not, we need to learn to lose to earn. But in the lack courage to become related. In special, with people who we consider difficult. Relatives are excellent for this rsrsrs and we ourselves also. To face our proper interior is very difficult and the smashing majority of the people dies without making it.

As Christian, I understand and experiment in my life that only to be able of the Espirito Santo can fortifying in them to run for ' ' River of the Vida' ' with courage, humildade and faith. Without the fruit of the Spirit (divided in ' ' gomos' ' below) it is impossible to submit themselves to next with humildade and the love, or at least to recognize our proper conflicts. Glatas 5:22 – 23 But the fruit of the Spirit is: love, joy, peace, longanimidade (long spirit), benignancy (smoothness and courtesy), goodness, allegiance, mansido, proper domain. The recommendation of apstolo Pablo to the Colossenses, chapter 3 (below), was wonderful, and only with the fruit of the Spirit we can place it in practical. In summary: You do not give up who love and desire having for close, despite she is a difficult person. One remembers that you also have its limitations and rebugices! Aparem the together edges.

It pays a price for the love. It is risked! It is lost To meet! It allows the contact with the difficults, but it does not wait excessively of them. He is not enslaved of what it takes off its peace moves away, it from if to know better and to conquer the difficult people who are to its redor! One day all will know the depth of a tomb. It acts before losing who the fence and loves, despite you do not receive this love, but knows that it is there. One is proud of being what you are, that is, human being, imperfect tense, full of barbs, but with intense headquarters to always improve! If not yet it was come across with this headquarters, precures it of you inside.

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