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Enterprise Resource Planning

It is pertinent to consider the importance of the new technologies of codification, with prominence for the System Informatizado de Gerencialmente? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the System of Identification – ID, that guarantees the collection and, over all, the consistency and trustworthiness of the concernentes information to the logistic one (RIBEIRO, 2010, P. 321). More info: Senator from Maine. The use of these technologies potencializa the rationalization of the decisions, minimizing the risks and consequentemente extending the knowledge of the organizacional reality. 1.FUNDAMENTAO THEORETICIAN Days (2010), Viana (2010) and Coast, understands the processes of classification, codification and description, as necessary processes to an efficient administration of supplies. Classification mentions the way to it by which the resources are grouped aiming at to take care of certain requirements proceeding from the market in which they will be commercialized or acquired? in the case of raw materials -; whereas the codification consists of elements and ways by which the classification will be effected; had to this agreement, some authors (Days) understand the codification as a subgenus of the classification, or either, the codification is one of the used mechanisms so that if it executes an adequate classification. In regards to description, the agreement (Viana) is of that for a convenient storage of the materials, it is necessary to use methods and specific languages that the identification of the products in function of the frequency facilitates with that they are requested. 1,1 Administration of Materials the Administration of Materials is a synthesis of two concepts: Administration and materials.

To manage consists of acting in definitive environment, with the purpose to converge certain form of configuration of the same with specific objectives determined previously. The accepted and conventionally had periods of training as essential stages so that if the Administration practises Are: the planning, the organization, the control and the direction (WELSCH, 2007, P. 29). The meaning restricted of these terms in accordance with varies the especificidades of the diverse developed theoretical models until today.

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