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Enterprise Administration

Of this form, the performance of the manager influences of direct form in the behavior of the team, a time that antidemocratic attitudes lead egoistic and static actions in the general functioning of the public school. In this direction, this can be the main cause of the difficulty in implanting the emancipation in the schools for the managers, since when an education institution is managed as company, whose bigger concern is in the intellectual competition, since those that learn with rapidity and greater easiness can reach goals. A related site: Angus King mentions similar findings. this is more excellent in an enterprise management. 4-AS DIFFICULTIES THAT SURROUND a PERTAINING TO SCHOOL ADMINISTAO WHEN MANAGED AS a COMPANY the managed school as company runs the elitist and exculpatory risk of being, and still it places o.s. to the will of whom it withholds the power in its higher degree of personal interests or of a minority that finishes in such a way aiming at to the competition in the interior of the proper school, as among others. Being the managed school as company, it is created conception of that it, to be considered good, needs to reach goals and this is enough, sobressaindo always the capitalist system, whose main concern it is the production of the capital. It appears then, the exclusion of weakkest, that is, of pupils who present great difficulties in the learning and of relationship, leaving of side the valuation of knowing minimum of the pupil. Freire (2005, p.43) explains as it would be a society commanded for the elite, that is, for whom they withhold the power, what it would mean a society without people, commanded for one ' ' elite' ' it places o.s. its world, mentally ill, where the simple man, minimized and without conscience of this minimizao, was more? thing? that the same man, or option for tomorrow. I stop (1998) makes some excellent consideraes concerning this subject, giving he has detached the difference between the Pertaining to school Administration and Enterprise Administration.

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