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Encyclopedia Portuguesa

This vitral composed is based on the prophecy of Isaiah in the Old Will that says: ‘ ‘ one will sprout breaks of the trunk of Jess, and of its roots one I renew frutificar’ ‘ also of the stories of the evangelhos of Mateus and Lucas that tell the generations of the descent of Jesus. The vitral, of deep blue and red, presents lying Jess in the inferior part and from its umbigo the trunk appears of a tree with its ramifications going up until the high o where he is Christ. The formation of the tree, made use vertically, presents seven figures and is seen in the following way: Jess in the origin, later its son king Davi and soon after its grandson, king Salomo. Two figures crowned in the pursuing of the trunk representing all of the descent are seen still more; still some ramifications are noticed of which flowers sprout, also representing the ancestral ones of Christ. The penultimate figure until the high one is a feminine figure representing the Virgin Maria and good in the high one, the figure biggest, represents Jesus Christ. to emphasize the prophecy of the coming of Christ is placed in the lateral parts of the vitral fourteen figures having represented the prophets who had announced the coming of messias.

in aura of sanctity verifies it paternity of the Espirito Santo stops with Christ, therefore around of the figure representing Jesus in the high one, is made use seven doves (the seven espritos of God) e, therefore absenting the figure of Jose, husband of Maria, as the father. She is interesting to observe that in an illiterate society as she was the medieval one, therefore without conditions to interpret these Biblical prophecies, the use of the images was essential mainly to cristianizar the people. Some elements are noticed in this vitral that they send of the Old one to the New Will, showing for genealogical representation, and in this in case that very applied well artistic, a general vision of the Jewish prophecy in the coming of the Messias. Jess and its descendants, as well as the prophets, only become coadjuvantes in the workmanship of this vitral accurately to strengthen the idea of Christ as the head, good in the high one and represented bigger transport. This representation of the Tree of Jess was not the original, therefore it appears some previous representations to this, but certainly it inspired some fellow creatures that if had spread for the Christianity through other vitrais in diverse medieval cathedrals; as well as in iluminuras, paintings, architectures, embroidered

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