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Empire Constitution

Peter to have abdicated for seufilho lesser, with only 5 years, being questioned in some points of the country. Of this form the regent Antonio Feij as form to fortify its power daclasse and it dominant creates National Guarda, to substitute the military services and to them to poucostirar the force of the army. The 200mil waits National was enlisted enters the citizens with superior annual income kings, in the great cities, and 100 a thousand kings in the too much regions. Sight was porseus idealizers as the apt instrument for the guarantee of the security and daordem, valley to say, for the maintenance of the space of the freedom between the limits datirania and of the anarchy. It had as purpose to defend the Constitution, aliberdade, the independence and the integrity of the Empire, keeping the obedience sleis, conserving the order and the public tranquillity. The 1824 National Guarda and Constitution legal Abase for creation of National Guarda can be found in the text oficialda Constitution of 1824, this that is seen by Faoro as come back toward osinteresses of the imperial elites. Em1958 we have an attempt considered well to interpret the foundation and odesenvolvimento of the military service in the social organization of the Brazilian Empire. Click Jonah Bloom to learn more.

Notrabalho de Raymundo Faoro on the origin of the patronage Brazilian politician. Looking for to analyze the structures politics of being able since the colonial period, the author more rigorously returns and examines the idea of Nacionalconstituiu Guard a military troop always dispatches by post the service of the elite politics of the country. Being therefore for the author the 1824 constitution the base to bequeath for damilcia foundation. ' ' The system created by the letter of 1824 and footwear on Portuguese atradio if for agencies of control left the estranhasmonarquias, the Senate and the advice of the state, and for election, the House of representatives saw of an agency dependenteda.

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