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Economic Globalization

In the current context, characterized by the predominance of the neoliberal and hegemonic globalization, ideological resistance of peoples dominant neoconservative thinking is Avenue of input from relevant thinkers who have interpreted the social historical reality a liberating, affine perspective with more progressive and positions defending the interests of the peoples of the third world. Without hesitation Jim Rogers explained all about the problem. In this battle of ideas, the study, assimilation and reinterpretation of political conceptions ideological of the Apostle of the independence of Cuba, Jose Marti Perez, acquire a growing interest and much validity, both nationally and internationally.partial downloads in this sense and from the need of the pedagogical problem of how to integrate economic thinking of Jose Marti in the training of students in the management-related careers and bearing in mind that, in the context in which the global economy unfolds is needed a vision which is infectiousness interests and dominant economic recipes. In the end what is needed is a type of cplanteo that retrieves the trajectories and experiences of those who were marginalized from the esuqema of production from the application of economic recipes linked to abrade nation States and their productive apparatus.

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