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Easiest Logs

The peculiarity of chopped logs in, that the beam at the ends has a different diameter. And this is due to the fact that building components are stacked top to the butt and have sbezhistost. As well as round logs, chopped timber requires no additional finishing. Although beam well as lumber for construction of wooden houses. The easiest and most popular varieties of timber – a simple timber. It is manufactured at the plant from logs by sawing four edges. But the most modern and the most frequently used – shaped beam. He received this name because of the peculiarities of production: timber attached to a single standard form.

But, eventually, a bar can twist. The undoubted advantage of beam is that the home of this timber are collected quickly and easily. Also, do not require konopatki, and spent much less insulation than homes that were built from any other timber. Home from a bar designed so that water does not actually falls between the timber and thereby less susceptible to rotting house. By the undeniable advantage of a laminated board is the fact that the houses are constructed of laminated veneer lumber quickly and do not require drying and shrinkage.

This house can be constructed immediately and to enter. But still, glued laminated wood is not already a natural material, or as a regular shaped timber or log. Indeed, in the manufacture of laminated veneer lumber is used glue, which should not present in green wooden houses. But before you decide: timber or logs, you should pay attention to several aspects. Think about what kind of stuff can help you meet conceived architectural and design solutions. The same should be taken into account in any climatic conditions will be used by your home, because of this will depend on the thickness of the walls. It is only evaluated and thought over all these questions, you can build a wooden house their dreams.

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