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Cuban Club

Of the Minas Gerais teams, it is the one that more presents actions planned and assertive in esportivo marketing. The club invested between 2007 and 2011 in the maratonista awardee Franck Boiler and vlei, it crowds stadiums with Sada Cruise. The torcedor partner and the Magazine Cruise are two options presented for the team that its main adversary does not possess. However, he lacked a planning in the torcedor partner so that the club did not lose associates with the reform in the Mineiro stadium, since the entrance in games was the main benefit perceived for the torcedor. Transparency, presentation of the patrimonial rocking in the official page of club detailing of the activities of its partners makes of the celestial club a good team to invest.

At the beginning of 2011 the club participated of a match in the United States for training and spreading of the name internationally. Profile of the interviewed ones The mining torcedor is gotten passionate by soccer and keeps one of the biggest rivalries of the national esportivo scene. The majority of the interviewed ones is in the etria band of 20 the 40 years and possesss complete superior level or in course. Amongst other aspects, the behavior of the people when filling was observed the questionnaire. The rivalry can be observed enters the mining torcedores in the questions that were necessary to evaluate the mining soccer not only and its teams, by means of commentaries that devaluated the team adversary.

The bibliographical research evaluated mannering aspects of the torcedor and discovered some curiosidades. The organized twisted greater of the Cruise uses the image of Che Guevara (1928/1967) in its flags and shirts and, to provoke the adversary, the Galoucura (bigger twisted organized of Athletical) Ren Barrientos (1919/1969), responsible uses for executing the hero of the Cuban revolution. Analysis of Data The results of this research are based on the questionnaires applied in 50 torcedores that inhabit in the city of Belo Horizonte and region.

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