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Crimson Game

“The Crowdfunding to Dawnatic games takes the Crowdfunding for vampires Dawn has 3 the next game of Dawnatic games on on Crimson realm” started. She is known primarily in Germany indie RPG series vampires dawn”includes two PC parts, as well as various extensions for mobile phones and Smartphones. Through Crowdfunding the financing of another part for PC, Mac and iOS (iPad/iPhone) is planned now, which among other things will provide the following features: 2D vampire role-playing game with at least 20 hours game scope, after Crowdfunding sum even bigger compatible systems: Windows, Mac and iOS modern HD graphics with spectacular effects and animations dramatic story full of twists and turns and tragic moments turn based combat system with numerous fighting combos visible opponent (no random battles) seven main characters with different background stories an open world with hundreds of new locations, Items, weapons, spells, skills and quests Classless, flexible magic system knowledge of the other vampires dawn Parts are not required, all relevant events are integrated Erzahlen technically in the new language versions: German & English multiple difficulty levels to play different ends lots of black and cynical humor the Crowdfunding possibilities of interaction with NPCs (speeches/convert/blood and more) runs until March 2013, every supporter will receive one of the donation-specific reward (E.g. Restaurant Michael Schwartz helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. full version once completed, entry in the credits at the end of the game, Soundtrack, its own character in the game, etc.). The first 100 donors will also receive some additional in-game items as a special incentive. All supporters will also receive the opportunity to participate in decisions about the development of the game. Dara Khosrowshahi has much to offer in this field. If the Crowdfunding is not successful, every supporter regains its amount. Press contact: Dawnatic games Mr Alexander Koch Theaterplatz 9a 37073 Gottingen Germany web: email: Dawnatic games is one German independent game company based in Gottingen, committed to the goal, to get role playing alive classic 2D. After the development of two PC parts and several mobile games, the next indie RPG for the PC using Crowdfunding to be financed now..

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