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Course For Efficient Management

It is of that it is used to saying ” s” to all the requests to only maintain happy people even when it does not have the time to do nothing else? ” has internal fights when saying; no” , because it worries to him to bother to somebody? These scenes can be dangerous for their race, the health and the capacity to administer their time with effectiveness, reason why Course For Efficient Manejo of the Time is important to practice the art to say to no. There are effective techniques that will be able to apply in less than seven minutes to obtain more than ever it believed possible in less time. It visits for greater information. How to say no. Often it is much more easy to say yes to one request that to say no, because the possibility is eliminated of having to fight with a conversation difficult, somebody perhaps annoying one, or hacerte to feel culprit.

But it is important to heft the price to put opportunely in danger to itself and, which can lead to a greater stress and less time to satisfy its own goals and objectives as much personal as professionally. To say that it is not an egoistic act, and in fact often can be more beneficial, because it means that you can spend time of quality in the things that already has it jeopardize. For that reason, when it would have to say that no? Here there are 3 strategies that can use to help to determine the moment for assuming an extra work: To know clearly its priorities. Asegrese of knowing which are their present obligations before assuming new commitments. To say yes when you are not safe of your service load can lead to the disaster. It considers the stress possibility This request is going to increase its levels of stress? If the request is going to add more stress to its life, especially to length term, better does not take it.

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