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Consolidation Of Economies

The consolidation of the economies and institutions in these countries, with a vision focused on the long term, creates a good basis for the formation of regional blocs, and that they increase their viability. The difficulties encountered by countries in the region in the past, with recurring crises and political instability have caused the regional blocs have not made significant progress for a long time. Such is the case of MERCOSUR. Hence arises the importance of this success achieved by some countries of the region. But in consideration of the foregoing, I understand that the UNASUR is reached in the midst of political and ideological fragmentation. Nouriel Roubini addresses the importance of the matter here. Countries with serious internal problems such as Bolivia, with less serious internal problems but growing, such as Venezuela and Argentina and conflict between states, like the one between Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, are the prelude that precedes the UNASUR. To read more click here: Mark Berger.

In addition to the above, the ideological division of the block makes it very difficult to see how these countries can make progress in policy coordination. Surely part of the success will depend on the influence of the leadership of Brazil and the relaxation of the internal differences in pursuit of making progress towards policies that nurture the unification of regional forces with benefits for all members of the bloc. Now, what benefits it can bring the UNASUR for investors? I understand that in the short term, none. But in the end a few years, progress in its development, the UNASUR can make to regional financial markets (which is part of their objectives), with greater depth and liquidity to local financial markets are currently the countries of the region. In addition, the UNASUR may contribute to the strengthening of the economies of the region, underpinning growth and development, which also benefits the investor to find less risk and higher returns on investments in the region. The UNASUR, has just been born. Will be given time to grow and develop. We hope that the countries that comprise the permit.

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