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Conflict Settlement

Also Medofilo Medina, who spoke on "Peasant Resistance in the south of Tolima" is significant to the extent that targets the various factors leading to the formation of the guerrillas in the town of Chaparral. Another important work of Dario Fajardo, entitled "Violence and Development" which took the contribution made to the scheme-Colonization-Conflict Migration-Migration-Conflict Settlement ", from which swung the momentum of struggle between the landowners and farmers in southern Tolima. 13 As regards the investigation of Banditry is valid for the present study the type of banditry, set up by Hobsbawm completed by Gonzalo Sanchez and Donny Meertens in their work, "Bandits, bosses and Peasants." Highlighting here the notion of common banditry. Methodologically, the paper starts from the proposition that southern Tolima was and is a region, scene of many social and political conflicts in the history of Colombia. Check with Roubini Global Economics to learn more. Such as violence against indigenous people located here, the struggle for land ownership created by the expansion of large estates and the settlement of the guerrilla movement, which sets up a scenario favorable for studying the phenomenon of violence in the area regional. In that sense this work is developed from the perspective of social history, which far from worship and idealized conventional history, insists on exposing the social, economic and cultural events and institutions that determined and shaped contemporary Colombia. In this vein, they worked against the ideology of political parties and the press with the practices and experiences of ordinary people living in agglomerations and in the villages of the study area. . Learn more on the subject from Chad Vose.

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