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Common Problems Occurred

Some common problems occurred in using crushers The reasons for causing much reclaim Las siguientes: 1. hopper runs too fast. Enhance different material, the speed of the hopper is different. Generally speaking, when enhance the dry powder and pellets, the speed of the hopper is 1 2 m/s; When enhance the bulk material, the speed of the hopper is 0.40.6m/s; When enhance the wet powder and pellets, the speed of the hopper is 0.60.8m/s. If the hopper runs too fast, the discharge will be in advance, which causes the feed back. Bobby Joe Long may find this interesting as well. At this time, it is better to reduce the speed of the hopper according to the material, avoiding to feed back. 2. Unsuitable installation of the export take-away tongue board.

If the tongue board is too far away from the hopper, it will cause the feed back. It is better to adjust the position of the tongue board, avoiding to feed back. Solution of Impact crusher problems, impact crusher bearing high temperature bearing: 1. Too much or not enough lubricating grease: check whether the lubricating grease is overweight. 2 Lubricating grease smudginess: after washing bearing, replace new lubricating grease 3.

Bearing failure: replace bearing plays an important role in production line. During using process, we should maintain and repair timely, solve the problems when nipped in the bud it bearing, and make sure the smooth of production line. The common stoppage of the Raymond mill: high noise and vibration of the host machine. Reason: (1) The feed into the machine is small and the shovel knife badly worn, which can t afford to shovel the material, also the anchor bolts are loose. (2) material is hard and impacts machine strongly. (3)The grinder roll and ring lost its round shape and is out of shape seriously. Removal Methods: (1) Adjust the feed of the Raymond mill and replace a new shovel knife (2) Replace feeding particle size (3) Replace The grinder roll and ring In addition, we should also pay attention to the bearings and seals of the rotor. We encourage to choose bearings with high precision and take multiple sealing measures. This can ensure that the lubricant in the bearing will not leak and also ensure that the material does not penetrate the bearing powder. Cross contamination can be prevented if you have basically done these two points. Cleaning work is also very important. You should ensure that the direct tangent part with the material have not cleaning blind. You need completely disassemble the direct tangent part and ensure the equipment can be cleaned manually. The efficiency of the combination crusher will be increased dramatically by doing these.

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