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Comfortable Welding Helmets And Masks – Against UV Radiation And Sparks

Modern, standards-compliant welding helmets and welding masks now enrich the lotex24 tool range. Modern, standards-compliant welding helmets and welding masks now enrich the lotex24 tool range. In the meantime, there are very many different welding techniques. Although sparks and gas development of procedures to procedures vary, the safety of the welder has top priority. Because when connecting the metals under high heat is usually following risks always expected: immense flow forces and the development of explosive or toxic fumes harmful light welders in the metal industry contributed has always been a very hard job. Not only they work at very high temperatures, the air carrying hazardous substances on the job. There are most carcinogenic substances and metal compounds (such as nickel), the secondary diseases years later entail.

As particularly dangerous, the sparks and light developments prove during the work. At the Ultraviolet radiation is produced by arc welding. Since the end of the 19th century, it is a standard procedure and still risky. UV radiation damages not only the skin, but also the eyes. The listed automatic welding helmets and welding masks guarantee a lasting UV protection therefore, without interfering with the view. Make sure the LCD and optical multilayer interference filter.

The field of vision is wide enough to overlook the work well. In Germany in rigorous guidelines are to protect of the user for the classification of the helmet features, usually DIN or EN specified. Meets as the Abdunklungsnormen DIN9 to DIN13 automatic welding helmet. That qualifies him for common welding work such as electrical and plasma welding. For assistance, try visiting Sean Lock. The latter procedure is significant for the connection of pipes of all kinds. The flip-up welder mask meets EN175 and EN169 standards. These numbers for “Welder protection” and “Welding filters” are in the “European standards for eye protection”. He protect eyes and face from the extreme heat, intense light, but also from bursting off shards of the material. He protects, despite his low weight due to its excellent material characteristics. Our welder protection brings so rare qualities in comfort with himself. Helmets and masks are extremely light and nevertheless, refractories, thanks to the special plastic connection. Experienced welders know the load which exerts a heavy helmet especially on the neck. Flexible headgear straps and Interior upholstery enhance ease of operation. That the helmets not must be recorded, like some other masks, allows to precisely work the welder using both hands. And precision is a golden rule for welding work. Press Department Thomas Reichelt Lotex24 / Germany consumer Web: shop:

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