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Chico Buarque

(TADEU, Philip BNB, Has 30 years, was launched the sonorous track of ' ' Opera of the Malandro' ' Pg.01). It is perceived as Brecht influenced the ideas of Chico Buarque. &#039 can be observed in the call; ' Opera of the Malandro' ' , where Chico Buarque makes releitura of ' ' Opera of the Three Vintns' ' , that the main personage is a typical bohemian and malandro of the Lapa, but Chico Buarque uses of this malandro as a figure idolatrada for all. It starts to be a hero for the people surround who it. Criticizing sufficiently this position that the delinquent (' ' malandro' ' of the original part) he occupies, Brecht believes that the society has that to intervine so that this idealizao does not occur that the delinquent started to have in the societies. Chico Buarque uses of music ' ' Geni and the Zepelim' ' to make critical the people of the society and as this Geni observed and the social status that occupied.

The releitura can be cited that Chico Buarque made of the song ' ' Pirate Jenny' ' (1928) of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. In ' ' Pirate Jenny' ' that it is a part of ' ' Opera of the Three Vintns' ' of Brecht a woman meets who clean the soil and is damaged for all. It counts during the song that will come a ship to save it and that it will go to destroy that place. Already in the song ' ' Geni and the Zepelim' ' of Chico Buarque, Geni is used for all of that city, the people maltreat it the all instant, and one day appears one zepelim to destroy that city, but its captain if comes across with Geni and asks for to that formosa lady to sleep with it in that night.

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