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Chevrolet Chaparral

Can I make a Zaporozhets Formula 1 car? Hardly. Its engine will never give out 800 hp and 18000 rev / min. But here's the outside. Spoilers in Nizhny Novgorod in different places, and here we have not already, "Constipation", and Sauber. For one thing! For it to be went the same way as Formula, all this must be weighed not only beautiful but also, more importantly, wind. Until now, many car owners, setting their cars on a variety of decorative elements, do not think that Any such introduction would be dangerous to a car and driver.

Unfortunately, the statistics of road accidents has not allocated a separate string instances of accidents occurring due to incorrect splashes and other similar products. But if you ask any racer, he says that all these bells and whistles must be at least safe, and best of all functional, ie, to carry the aerodynamic function. Should immediately be noted that for a person prefers a calm, measured style of driving, to move with speed in the traffic rules, all these elements are, in principle, not necessary. Enough inherent aerodynamic characteristics of the manufacturer. But for those who starts off with 60 km / h and goes, as usual, well over a hundred such details are essential. Grace Venverloh, Dallas TX is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

However, I believe that all drivers would be interested to know that this thing and why it is needed. And since we are serious people, we'll start with the most important and responsible member of the external tuning – wing. The very element that first appeared in America in a car Chevrolet Chaparral 2E 1966 It was a huge rear wing, based on high bar.

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