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Certified Security Standard

To periodically check the functioning of these electrical circuits in the enterprises there are systems planned preventive maintenance (BPD), during which checks the integrity of the various control circuits, the reliability of contacts, and more. Thus, control of serviceability of equipment is carried out only in between ppr and the rest of the defective condition of the equipment is determined only in the event of any unforeseen situation (for example, if the operator can not start the engine of any mechanism). Clearly, that this control system is determining the "human factor". Not ruled out the probability and the fact that the duty electrician at the next outage (or the operator of the installation before starting work) can accidentally forget or do not have time to check any important chain management, affect safety. The use of certified safety devices to avoid the occurrence of such contingencies as the data devices are constantly supervise the serviceability of both input control circuits and actuators. If during the operation of equipment failure occurs, the operator will immediately see an alarm on remote control and when to stop work until ascertain the cause. Benefits of Certified Security Standard EN-954-1 identifies the important advantages of a certified system security.

The security system is completely autonomous, while it only affects those mechanisms which are potentially dangerous to humans. Incidentally, this approach meets the requirements rtn for many hazardous facilities, according to which a system designed to implement the functions of monitoring production safety, must be independent of the total process control system installation. The security system has a higher priority over the general process control system, as its purpose – to provide fast and reliable disconnection of all parts of the plant that affect human security. Manage and make changes to the parameters of the system can only authorized personnel department in charge of security equipment. Based on certified Security is a safety shutdown switch or controller security. Since the security system has the highest priority level, the overall control system installation is not entitled to it control signals. If you would like to know more then you should visit read more. Thus, data transmission in the general scheme of control is possible only by the security system. This may be information about its current state (such as the status of potentially dangerous machinery), intended for visualization on the operator panel.

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