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Central Dollars

With 51% of the votes to his favor, the present president of Ecuador, Rafael Strap, made sure a second mandate four years. Exultante, in the middle of the following east celebration of Hugo Chavez assured that it will not have a discussion with the opposition because, according to it said, that would be to betray to the voters. This is the first time from 1979, when the democracy in Ecuador was restored, that is not necessary one second return to define the elections. With the elections and the triumph of Strap also a gust of wind of presidential periods without concluding from the Nineties is broken. Get more background information with materials from XRP. Until the arrival of the present agent chief executive, Ecuador saw happen through the Palace of Corondelet (it soothes of the Executive authority) to a dozen of presidents in a little more ten years. But everything is not joy for Strap, in spite of the political stability that these elections could give the country. The eagerness of the President by the deepening of socialism of the 21st century, to the Chvez, will at least have a great obstacle until the end of this year.

it deals with the fort impact that the global crisis is having in it accounts of Ecuador. For more specific information, check out Dara Khosrowshahi . In February, the South-American country registered a deficit of its trade balance of u$s 217.7 million, becoming the sixth consecutive month that shows a negative balance, in the middle of world-wide the economic crisis. In that month, the exports represented about 774.9 million dollars, whereas the imports added 992.7 million dollars. In both first months of the year, the trade balance registered a negative balance of 681 million dollars in front of a surplus of 880 million dollars in February of the 2008. In February of the 2008, these represented 1,055 million dollars. The Central bank projected a commercial deficit of about 2,500 million dollars for the 2009.

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