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Carlos Mora

The fact that before this reality that can not be ignored, it appears that the main weaknesses of SMEs in their environment is based on: absence of a culture defined and environmental responsibility on the part of the company. The responsible management of SMEs have not weighed the relevance and importance of considering the scope, impact of environmental responsibility both internally and externally. Very few companies with an environmental culture and are really anxious to avoid contamination deterioration in the environment where they operate to this is added, product development hardly compatible with the environment, since it makes a misuse of both the raw materials which are produced as the energy used for processing. Toxic waste produced during processing are discharged to the environment, air, rivers and lakes often without adequate treatment. Of course, it is also important the lack of financial resources by SMEs to implement environmental plans and controls necessary to reduce pollution that these companies produce. Precisely, this is perhaps the most important weakness, since with the current situation in the country and many companies may not have the resources to implement this type of controls and regulations to ensure that their products and processes does not deteriorate the environment.

This situation can not continue, it requires remedial action, actions, plans to prevent environmental pollution. Where the state has to enforce without favor the scope, responsibilities are outlined in the Environmental Crimes Act and its regulations. It is for management to step actions, strategies that lead to transform these weaknesses into strengths, this is achieved to the extent that SMEs conserve and manage development resources, combating deforestation, desertification and drought of the environment that surrounds them, encourage agriculture, conserve biodiversity, maintain the quality of fresh water and have a proper management of toxic and radioactive waste. Also must give way once and for all to be revealed by the surrounding culture, that of social responsibility that protects the environment, people, promote the culture of recycling, turning waste into useful materials. This will decrease both pollution and consumption of raw materials and that some of these wastes are used again in production processes.

Companies must design products and production processes that are environmentally appropriate since its conception. The premise is to optimize the environmental performance of industry which results in performance optimization economic. This approach is called eco-efficiency and promotes innovation to adapt production systems to market needs and the environment. It is producing more with less, consume less energy, raw materials and reduce waste. This will reduce production costs while reducing the environmental impact of industrial activity. Specifically, the state should act with greater rigor and commitment to the assurance of the environment, make the Environmental Crimes Act compliance, provide every assistance to companies to enable them to ensure that their operation will not be polluting. It takes more than a management vision and commitment in assuring the surrounding environment. Topics lecture notes management, Postgraduate Quality and productivity. Faces.

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