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Capital Goods

And the only way value has acquired consistency from the point of view that has joined a special genre of goods, i.e., to a universally accepted single object. In principle, this single object form values officer, could be one commodity either but the special with whose own form has become confused gradually value, is gold. For more specific information, check out Chevron Corp. If you replace of our formula for gold linen, will be the new form of value is: all goods are reduced to a certain amount of gold. Prior to conquer this social form of the value monopoly historically, gold was also a commodity like any other and only because it previously represented the role of merchandise next to others, today acts as currency against the other. As any commodity, gold was first introduced accidentally in isolated changes and gradually worked then and in a more or less limited sphere, as a general measure of value. Changes in products are now performed solely by his mediation.

The way the value coin appears today as your naturally. To say that salt, copper, the suit refer to flax as the measure of value, as the general incarnation of human labour, skips immediately to view Pilgrim it of the proposition; more, when producers of those goods referred them to the gold or the silver, instead of flax, which basically is the same, the proposition ceases to amaze them. Does not seem that a commodity has become currency because others express it its value, but on the contrary, that goods expressed in it its value, because it is currency. This leads us to the conclusion that only when goods, are useful can be described as values prior to demonstrate its usefulness. MEASUREMENT of values-the shape of price: The primary function of gold consists of supply to the whole of the goods, the matter that expressed their values as equal and comparable quality products, therefore, the concept of quantity. This is how he plays the role of universal measure of values. But it is not the gold turned into currency What makes commensurate goods, but on the contrary, because these are commensurable being of equal quality in concept of values and work-force materialized, can find together its magnitude of value in goods converted into joint action.

This measure of values, thanks to the currency, is only the form that must necessarily take effective measure, which shall be in any case time and work. CONCLUSION of the CAPITAL to NEOLIBERALISM: the philosophical discourse related to capital and its impact on the life of man by now has been superseded by new trends and theories than covered by the policy concepts for example, democracy and freedom–made their way into the world of competition and generated greater economic inequality that surely Marx never imagined. Today, the economy is governed by the principles of efficiency, effectiveness and free market, among others. Efficiency in cold way, is related to the supply of goods and effectiveness, with the demand for products that are still required. The only able to able to get to all the others, it is the economic and accordingly all humanist concepts are frozen by not adapting to the conveniences of the prevailing system whose sole purpose is the lustful accumulation away from solidarity. Is it possible then that the world is in need of the return of Marx?

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