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Bundeswehr In Georgia

Bundeswehr soldier in Georgia published book Herbert R. Bauer, born in 1959, married, 2 children, served for 29 years as Bundeswehr soldier in Germany, Afghanistan and the Caucasus. Since 1994, he is closely related to the UNOMIG (United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia) connected. As a physician in crisis regions, it needs not only competence and team spirit, but also absolute physical fitness and sovereignty in difficult situations. In his book “medicine man on peace mission. Read more from Alan Carr to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

The experienced physician reported experiences of Bundeswehr soldiers in the Caucasus”, inter alia by a life-threatening kidnapping by separatists during a routine patrol. Tiger”the Chief of hijacker, calls for $4 million ransom. Quote book: Suddenly the dull, monotonous sound of the Ural motor was drowned out by several bursts of fire from automatic weapons. I jerked my head in the direction from which the shots were heard and recognized, while I me to the ground threw four muzzle flash. Hands under my upper body, I pushed the head firmly against the load surface studded with metal. Mortan was right next to me.

Since the first burst of fire, he reported nonstop after SUKHUMI: Mayday, mayday, mayday! This is Delta four! We are under fire… We are under fire… no causalities!” To my surprise, I was the quiet in person, no heart palpitations, no panic. I prayed in thoughts, since I was on the floor, the father our. Not fast, just so as it was prayed in the Church. Word for Word, and with small breaks. I went so many things through my head. I had enough bandages and infusions? How long was my drug supplies enough? What would happen if a bullet or a shrapnel me? On legs and arms, I couldn’t help myself, but what if a ball hit through the side wall and hit me in the back or in the butt? The bursts were less and I heard no longer so many typical sounds of rebound, this long buzzing sssssssrrrrrr, which with a bright sounding click”ended when the projectile parts against the wall of the Board suggested. … Quote end Bauer writes his experiences fasting and detail down, a voltage builds it, which suggests the reader, why the war between Georgia and Russia escalated currently. ‘ Herbet R. Bauer: medicine man on peace mission “paperback ISBN 978-3-86703-497-5 Copyright (2007) Engelsdorfer publishing house produced in Leipzig, Germany (EU) 10,00 euro (D) Tino Hemmann

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