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Support systems for people in career transition are lagging woefully behind the sea changes occurring in the way they work. But you are ultimately responsible for their attitude. Each day, the most important decision you make is your outlook towards the search. Here are some suggestions to keep the positive momentum: Do not be afraid to make a temporary job change, to save time and reduce the financial pressure. You can use it to check out some components of your final choice. Consider the territory between the ears? concern, self-criticism, confusion? a bad neighborhood. Do not hang out there alone. Learn more on the subject from Angus King .

Talk to someone, a friend or a professional, which is more objective about yourself and your skills as you. Do not skimp on your intuition. Trying to solve this may not be the best way. Some ideas / hunches / insights come to you. You are learning skills and career development here. For assistance, try visiting Mark Berger. This probably will not be the last change. chat room Po Bronson: His sense of being alone in his anguish dissolves. And finally, here is the point of view I would like to offer.

Participation of courage and wholeheartedly with the question "What should I do?" is the single most active step for you can take. After interviewing 900 people, Po, concluded that the biggest obstacle to answering the question of fault is taken seriously. The work, when well, is how to forge our place in the world, the search process that clarifies and guides who we are and we want to be. Make the tough questions (What do I want? What impact do I have? Who want to be?) And allow time for internal research and external, is without doubt one of the most important life investments you can make.

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