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Brazilian War

In face of the imminent risk, both the blocks measure its capacities to conquer and to control definitive territories and areas. In this in case that the game of mutual threats enters in scene known as Cold War. The Classic or Traditional War is a war of deflagrada external aggression between States national, based in the reply of one of the parts to one it has attacked external. It is a war of attack and defense, where it has a external common enemy and the internal necessity of union of the population to fight the identified enemy. The Revolutionary War is of indirect aggression, having the possibility of armed conflict in the interior of a country between parcels of its proper population. In accordance with the Basic Manual of the Superior School of Brazilian War, the biggest concern in necessary Latin America to be focada in the risk of the Revolutionary War. ' ' The Soviet Union, in accordance with this vision, considers the revolutionary war the way most efficient to take the effect its proper imperial destination, that depends on the control of the countries of the Third Mundo' '.

So that a State can implant an apparatus of defense of such spread as what it is displayed in the Basic Manual of the ESG, a gradual economic development becomes indispensable. This development is foreseen in the ideology of national security in accordance with the vision of General Golbery. As its point of view, most of the mineral wealth of the country is in the region center-west and north. It must have one politics of povoamento, serving as ' ' tampo' ' to these extreme ways of the country, making it difficult the foreign penetration for the places most distant of the nation. It must have a more intense concern with the economic development of these areas, so that other migrantes groups can be attracted for them.

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