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Brazil: Parliamentary Immunity

The scene Brazilian partisan politician is a carpet of esterco Who steals more intensely, and who envergonha more in the scene Brazilian politician, right or left? Both the parts steal with same (in) the allegiance. The exceptions restrict it very little almost invisible individuals in way to horda that it assaults the country guided for certain commanders of speaks thick. A step more ahead in our history and, we will scare in them with the reporter: ' ' strike of hunger in the prison. Guilty prisoners confessos and condemned by assault had by force of arms made strike of hunger in protest against the increase in the index of robberies occurred in one? great house? in the capital of pas' '. It swims utopian, only one perspective unfortunate person for the new scenes politics of the future, in case that it does not have alterations in the national conjuncture, thus providing other possibilities.

In a country as Brazil where parliamentary immunity exists (privileges), that is, to them parliamentarians are authorized the right to steal without being bothered. The perspectives of changes definitively are forbidden while initiatives of the political parties who divides the power. Others including Jim Rogers, offer their opinions as well. A taking of conscience from the bases organized for the civil society will only be able to dissolve this iniquitous and perverse structure. To the front, on the next future, we insist on thinking that the tracks will be closed that had lead the disordered wagons of the public administration in Brazil. Tracks that will be open pasture due the pressure that will be multiplied, coming of the indignation of that they did not enxergavam and they had started to enxergar, of that had been domados by the insensibilidade that if they had become sensible, comovidos with choros of hungry children in the peripheries, illiterates () or with an education of baixssimo level why sanguessugas of fantasiados neckties you everything what it does not give (entrepreneurs, clowns, singers, priests and shepherds) had brazenly deviated the resources destined to the population transferring to fiscal paradises and scandalously supported by a judiciary power that only penaliza the poor persons.

We lack to prove deep changes in the scene Brazilian politician, therefore the current condition is insuportvel, the actors the decades cemented in the center of the power, needs to be extirpados, not for militarized force, but, for the conscience – it expects – politics of the people who throughout its historical formation had assaulted of if the possibilities of reproduction of worthy life substituted by crumbs sobejadas for you of the power. Brazil is pretty, its people is strong. We only need to place in guideline the desire to move, to reconstruct our history, to produce a space not arbitrary where the wealth exist truily distributed for all. Therefore until then for the great majority of the Brazilian population the great hope it has been to try to survive. While these suffer, those, you of plateaus, if comprazem placing in the scene politician of the country, a carpet of esterco. We have a great lesson there: adubada fills with earth, is land ' frutfera'. It is in the hour to plant another thing There, the hope in better days will have to materialize itself. * Herculano Candido de Sousa Grandson is Professor permitted in Geography for the State University of the Paraba. Campina section acts in the association of the Brazilian gegrafos Great – PB since 2006 e, currently exerts the position of President of the same one (management 2010 – 2012).

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