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Biographical Dictionary

Be responsible for possible changes in the future online edition of the work. This will allow to permanently add new entries and new information. The first edition of the dictionary, nearly sold. After the controversy of the past few weeks about some entries in the Biographical Dictionary of Spanish, the Royal Academy of history has decided to create a Standing Committee in order to secure the improvement and review procedures as appropriate, as reported in a statement. Academy approved as its purpose of amendment which already announced this Thursday, when he said be prepared to recificar some entries.

In the text, after insisting that the biographies are due to their authors and that the institution has not wanted to modify them (arguments raised in the document submitted Thursday), the Academy explains that since it began to organize the dictionary the need arose for the digital edition of biographies, with the conviction that will allow to add permanently new entries and new information. This project remains in force. KBS recognizes the significance of this. Thus, the Commission will evaluate the possibility of correcting some entries in the future online version of the work. Controversial biographies decision comes after the controversy caused by some of the biographies in the dictionary, as Francisco Franco, written by Luis Suarez, who argues that the general rode an authoritarian but not totalitarian, regime and Manuel Azana, performed by Carlos Seco, it holds that the Government of the Socialist Juan Negrin was virtually dictatorial. Gonzalo Anes, director of the Royal Academy of history, insisted on the changes introduced in the dictionary will be made in the digital edition of this work, which contains 43,000 biographies about the leading characters in the history of Spain, from the third century BC to the present day. In the digital edition Yes fit changes, add-ons, New biographies, everything that is want. And in network you cannot change the content of the biographies of the paper edition, that its authors want to do so, always said Anes, who does not rule out that suggesting to some author some improvements, although he didn’t realize more about this matter. The 1st Edition, almost sold few hours prior to the meeting that approved the procedures of review, sources of the Academy reported that the institution has almost sold the first edition of this work, which has been on sale half of the 50 volumes that will have in total. They said Friday the Academy sources, there have been requests for purchase of individuals and any private institution that has commissioned a number of copies. So far no official body has expressed his desire to acquire this work, whose overall cost is 3,500 euros. Source of the news: the Academy of history creates a Commission to review biographies of your Dictionary

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