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Bilbao Architect

Two things not you can discuss you to Santiago Calatrava. One, that it is a singular, unique architect and an identifiable aesthetic even by the most ignorant. The second, which has been a Prophet in his own land: he has not only won all possible public and private Awards, but that his work chairs challenging and imperishable the renovated bed of the Turia. Chapeau. From there other less pleasant considerations can be made. For example, that his works always cost a kidney into the public coffers, generally above what was budgeted. A person who was an acid conflict with him, the Mayor of Bilbao, Inaki Azkuna, dealt it with an unusual hardness: he is a stingy of hell, he said, after having been sued by the architect by having prolonged its Zubi Zuri bridge with a gateway, oh blasphemy, of the Japanese Arata Isozaki.

Others who are not very happy with the architect of Benimaclet are residents of Venice to the security account for your last bridge and, above all, the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, after the delay of the intermodal station at ground zero, which has been mutilated in spite of being exceeded in susl costs. With these precedents and other smaller vessels need a semaphore retrospectively in the bridge to El Saler, lack of functionality of the Sondica airport, flooding of the Palau in Arts is understood perfectly the sentence of a colleague’s profession: that Calatrava engages knows already what is exposed is exposed, for example, to have him paidas has happened to the Generalitat, 2.7 million by a study for the Centre of Castellon conventions which, despite the soothing explanations of Vice-President Vicente Rambla, or adhered to as planned or be sabe for what to serve. Why should thank you Marina Albiol, Member of Esquerra Unida, which has unveiled the details of that contract. For that there is precisely the political opposition: to control the Government and avoid that any Parliament will become a roll, no knead bread, but Taming consciences. And is that all the commitments public, including those of Calatrava, are not confidential Affairs for exclusive internal use, as strives to always say Gerardo Camps. That does not mean that such conventions are not legal. It of course. But that, by its amount and its clauses, are illogical, similar to those signed with our architect now accused former President Balearic Jaume Matas, who acknowledges having hired a finger.

Although the accounts receivership has finally given a dubious approval to such agreements, we all know spare the natural subservience that show both these institutions if they become autonomous State, treat already auditing firms or credit rating agencies towards those who appoint their members or pay for their services. And hence, too, the need to strengthen legal controls over its operation. This is even more imperative in this now does, that we are stuck with the sickle and smothered in a deep and lasting economic crisis without public money or to the salary of civil servants. Clear that that does not seem applicable to exquisite characters such as Santiago Calatrava, situated above budgets and restrictions, who apparently do not affect the crisis, cuts or other limitations that the public administration imposes on others deadly.

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