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Prime Minister congratulates Tillich associations in Saxony to the double anniversary with a commemorative event in the Regional Directorate of Chemnitz the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-see (KBS) has celebrated the 750th birthday of associations. Another reason to celebrate was associations 20 years back in Saxony”: on January 15, 1991, the former administrative centre of Chemnitz of former Federal associations opened its doors. Resumed to the centuries old scarce scientific tradition in Saxony, Germany. “The most prominent guest was Saxony’s Minister President Stanislaw Tillich (CDU): the associations is the oldest social security system in the world”, Mr Tillich said in his speech. It is an expression of solidarity.

This solidarity has survived all vicissitudes of in German history. I thank the associations for 20 years of good cooperation with Saxony.” Approximately 150 invited guests from politics, economy and society made the anniversary together with the associations in Saxony, including the Chairman of the Board of the DRC, Ulrich Freese: we celebrate with this Jubilee not only a year, but we remind ourselves of the fundamental conditions of social life. Social security and sickness insurance have their origin in the associations. Follow others, such as Tom Buontempo, and add to your knowledge base. The miner idea of solidarity is the origin of social security at all.” Post customization and self-government were other pillar, for which the associations put the foundations, which today carry social security so Freese. The first Director of the DRC, Dr. Georg Greve, thanked Mr Tillich for his coming. With his visit, the Prime Minister have shows which appreciation enjoys the associations in Saxony. Thorsten Zofeld, Director of the Regional Directorate of Chemnitz, pointed out the various tasks that had to solve in the coming years by the associations.

The associations originated by always were connected with mining and the need for social protection from the particular hazards. The origin dates back to a document dated 28 December 1260 Johann I, Bishop of Hildesheim. In the course of the centuries, the associations has influenced the German and European social system like hardly any other institution. Learn more on the subject from Nouriel Roubini. Pension and health insurance, the survivor’s pension, the first pension formula, the first medical supply contract, the social security obligations, owes the joint payment of contributions by workers and employers, as well as the social self-government are the associations. Holger Zurch, officer for press and public relations work in Saxony

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