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Wasting several in times of crisis I don’t know what will most affect the career of Berlusconi, if their orgies or the cost thereof. And it is that what bothers us are the re-presented in times of crisis. More info: Jim Rogers. One of them, by giving flowers to her lover with the official VISA, it has had to resign the right hand of the London Mayor, Boris Johnson. Of course, for flowers, worn by the Prince Azim of Brunei, to celebrate his 26th birthday surrounded by beauty: 70,000 pounds. Also with a model Kate Moss, best known for his fondness for cocaine that is with whom the Tycoon Richard Branson has celebrated another anniversary for his work,: of his Virgin airline. For spending, because that will not be. In Spain, a famous cache by going to a party Isabel Preysler is the most sought-after figures in that activity ranges from 3,000 to 180,000 euros.

Overall, nothing. The money of the taxpayers is squandering, however, in a more subtle way: in the creation of an apparent substantial charges. As well, almost without realizing, in the European Union there is already 34,000 officers, 15,000 lobbies and 268 regional offices: those of our autonomous communities, with five hundred employees. Or that while Governments boast of suppress charges, by the back door repositioned displaced politicians making them advisors, special and other ambassadors. To decide what is worse: If the ostentation of the tacky rich or the hypocrisy of politicians derrochones. Sport and the crisis have begun to sound the early warning signs. The selection of football, without Xavi Hernandez, a mediocre team that barely failed to win South Africa has shown. Rafa Nadal passes a bad time and the Spanish armada of tennis has shipwrecked in Wimbledon. We will have to wait for the behavior of Alberto Contador and Carlos Sastre in the Tour to find out if other episodes, more than a bad symptom, are just a temporary mirage.

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