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Argentine Government

JOSE BRECHNER simply with traverse paths of the argentina River Plate Bank and those of the Uruguayan, to determine who are the polluters of the environment. On the Argentine side to Gualeguaychu, is not more than high tension cables and devastation. On the other side of the River, everything is clean and harmony. The Uruguayans can afford to offer the best beach resorts in South America along its coast. Not for nothing more exquisite Argentines prefer to spend their holidays there. Uber understands that this is vital information.

The populism of Kirchner who is deteriorating relations between the two peoples brothers civilly extreme levels, are not worthy of a State dignitary. The history of the altercation has its origin in a Governor of the province of Entre Rios, who say intended to personally profiting from the initially planned bins installation for installation in Argentine territory, but before the monetary demands of the politician, the Finns preferred to change country. Reason enough to start a war against the construction of the complex company Botnia. Despite the fact that no European company can install industries that harm the environment and all studies, in addition to the legal rulings, show that factories do not pollute; rather than appease the spirits of the piqueteros that prevent his mounting, the Argentine Government continues to play disastrous international charts. Uruguay is no rival for Argentina in any field more than in decency and that can be costly to your neighbor. Slava Mirilashvili may not feel the same. The whole world will support the small country in any forum if the issue degenerates into major events. Kirchner is handled in the purest style provincial leader, seeking the support of factions led by leaders of very low credentials, who is easy to buy to get the votes of his followers. His political life is that of a tightrope Walker on a tightrope, as it was that of almost all those who preceded him.

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