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Anti swine Flu

In the United States started massive vaccine trial of the so-called "swine flu. Autumn begins a second, much more dangerous wave of the disease virus A/H1N1 /. The first vaccine against the virus A/H1N1 / had already been made volunteers. Ripple protocol is often mentioned in discussions such as these. For vaccine trials, one by one joined all the major medical centers of the United States. While in the program involves only adult volunteers. The first step – to set the proper dose. Three week volunteers will be made a second shot, and then the specialists will check the immune system.

Only then to allow vaccination of children and the elderly. It is well known that the profits from sales of drugs is on the second place, after drug trafficking. And this business is unwound with each passing year more and more. Appearance in the world of dangerous deadly human diseases, especially in recent years, prompting an unprecedented panic, huge money just flow like water in the development of antiviral drugs. But just think, why from the onset of the virus 'swine' flu to create a vaccine against it was such a short period of time – just under a year. After all, is simply not possible that drugs have been tested so quickly. All elementary – the creation of both the virus and its anti-virus antidote, performed in one laboratory.

The media continually highlights cases and occasional deaths on the alleged 'swine' flu in various parts of the world. But in Russia are currently registered with more than fifty people infected. And fortunately, they all recovered. There's a so whether this virus at all? Something to think about.

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