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Systematic assessment of competencies and performance potential of managers in times of rapid economic change with an increasing number of mergers and acquisitions are referenced in companies increasingly use of management audits. This tendency gets uncertainties and fears the plan even for seasoned executives. Management audits will create a comprehensive overview of the competencies and performance potential of individual executives, as well as by all management areas in relation to the strategic success of the company. The objective of a management audit may vary from leadership development, succession planning and assessing the company’s value in the case of takeovers and mergers. As a pioneer in the field of management audits this is true American Institute of management, which has worked out the first systematic audit in the 1960s, whose basic Struktur has not significantly changed until today. Were only partial aspects and methods in the During the years developed further.

Many executives have only a vague idea what because may could expect in the management audit, which understandably also fueled uncertainty and fears under the same. Given the findings of the management audit can be decisive for the future professional success or even failure. In entrepreneurial practice, management audits be carried out largely by external consultants, using different methods. In the ideal case a competency model with set requirements of the company to the executives is based on the management audit. Also an assessment of the is skills of the Manager will be developed in the course of the management audit. Which is this resulting target actual comparison should finally information regarding the qualification and development needs as well as generate the future viability of the company. In advance of the management audit, a document analysis in entrepreneurial practice using which to collect data about the performance of the Executive. Components of this document analysis form, for example, reports, work instructions, job descriptions, and expertise.

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