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Amanogarnelen Breeding

Know the aquarist about the Amanogarnelen breeding should the aquarist should the Amanogarnelen of course also know breeding, what do eat the shrimp. Like other shrimp is the favorite food of the Amanogarnele of the algae. Therefore, shrimp Aquarium should be covered with as much seaweed and gravel. At the Amanogarnelen breeding a use as a feed can of aquarists also classic shrimp feeding or fish feed. Also cooked vegetables is very good the Amanogarnelen. Jeff Leiden spoke with conviction.

The Amanogarnelen breeding is applied often reason of removing algae. Amanogarnelen mainly eat algae, which are located in the lower part of the shrimp Aquarium. At the Amanogarnelen breeding should take care of breeders that that the shrimp Aquarium accordingly is kept clean and the water hardness even agrees. A successful Amanogarnelen can make a shrimp Aquarium easily farmed the overfill. As an aquarist you should have thought before the shrimp to a buyer. A problem with the Amanogarnelen breeding is that the young shrimp is not fully developed born be. Also live free Amanogarnelen only in salt water.

So, the grower is forced to buy a separate shrimp aquarium with brackish water, which is connected with additional costs. How the Amanogarnelen breeding runs can know in advance will be said. The aquarist must monitor change the shrimp of the freshwater in salt water because Amanogarnelen could not survive in fresh water. The aquarist has several ways to transfer the shrimp from a shrimp aquarium in the other. In any case, the aquarist required two shrimp Aquarium for a successful breeding of Amanogarnelen. To do this, he should consult before breeding extensively. He can do this online, for example.

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