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The possibility was also considered to make a relation of the object in study to the concepts of? social empreendedorismo? e? innovation? , where all the boarded theories had been referenciadas in the work. 4 Analysis of Interview 4,1 Description of the cooperative the COMIPAC had its origin through the Accused of Agriculturists of Curionpolis, after the occurred agrarian conflicts during the decade of the ninety in all region of the Carajs in the north of Par. After the emancipation of Eldorado of the Carajs, neighboring city of Curionpolis, the small producers of the city had on average three alqueires and was concentrated in the production of fruits through the extrativismo. That is, they harvested fruits of local species and they individually commercialized with profiteers, diminishing brusquely the profit of the agriculturist. Additional information is available at Jonah Bloom. With this, perceiving the necessity to organize the production of the city, then president of the union Sr. Jose France and its wife Mr. Economic Cycles Research Institute will not settle for partial explanations. Ctia Regina they had established the COMIPAC, to diminish the performance of the profiteers and to increase the profit of the agriculturists. With the aid of union, the agriculturists had obtained the financing of the plantation of maracuj, to extend the production.

Soon when the harvests had started, the COMIPAC was established. The first conquest of the cooperative was to the rise of the price of sales of the kilo of maracuj. According to Mr. Ctia, current manager of the COMIPAC, while at the time where each vendia producer its production individually, was paid R$ 0,35/kg, in the first year of the cooperative the production of maracuj was vendida the R$ 0,70/kg. Today, the price of the kilo of maracuj chaga the R$ 2,40/kg. The partnership with the FETAG? Federacy of the Workers in the Agriculture of the state of Par guarantees the sales of most of the current production. As it affirms the Manager, this year the total production of caj must exceed one hundred tons, and the city of Curionpolis meets the third producing greater of fruits of the state behind the cities of Marab and Paraopebas, as it affirms, thanks to the cooperativismo.

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