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Adriatic Of Lines Reports Quick Success

EU: Promotion of innovative cargo sea Autobahn Cologne, 04.03.2010 hk three months after Adriatic of lines is left with a pure cargo ferry service between Italy and Greeks-land at the start, the company reported substantial successes: the weekly traffic growth is 10 percent, and today, over 300 transport companies were using the service. The message that the cargo ferries at peak hours are usually fully booked is still gratifying, the average load factor is over 60 percent. Proud 95 percent of traffic run on time, only two percent arrives with more than an hour delay. Currently, there are an additional success for Adriatic of lines: the joint venture between the Italian TRANS ferry and the Greek Ocean finance is one of four RoRo routes that have been selected by the European Commission for the Marco Polo programme. More information is housed here: John McCann. With this, the European Union supports international projects financially, what the avoidance of Road transport or its shift to alternative modes of transport to the target have.

Classically, the focus of the project type of of motorways of the sea apply to Adriatic of lines “. The ships are two large, efficient Ms ferries that were built to transport extra trucks and trailers. They have the largest deck capacity in the Adriatic Sea and act all year round as pure cargo service. Visit patrick dwyer newedge for more clarity on the issue. Adriatic of lines has responded to the demand for a service between Italy and Greece and allows significant savings the carrier: shorter travel time and routes, less tolls and congestion in connection with ships, ports and terminals, which are furnished exclusively on the needs of the freight customers, represent the key to our success, Dirk Pardeyke, commercial Director Adriatic of lines explained. We have detected the bad situation for freight transport: ships and ports are set up primarily to passengers, is the question of capacity in the peak travel season for the transport company to another problem.

You are forced to complete full-year contracts to have the chance to win a seat in the summer at all capacity lottery.” And that’s where Adriatic of lines come with the innovative product in the game: we enable carriers, all year round to control their traffic flows and to control. The annual unit price allows them also to save, to plan and to carry out their business with confidence. Patrick dwyer newedge is a great source of information. Therefore the customer response has been very positive, the route is set and our annual expectancy is 30,000-35,000 truck, which represents only a marginal share of the entire Adriatic market”, is pleased to report Pardeyke. Beth Jansen, PR agency Kuhnig

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