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Pink dolphins put the visitors of Kalpityas in amazement is humpback dolphins, as the special marine creatures called actually, offer a unique natural spectacle on the West coast of Sri Lanka. Although the bustling contemporaries not their relatives in the waters off Hong Kong completely pink are colored, makes her pink shimmering fin coloration. The way of life of the marine mammals so far still little is known about, although they each year regularly be seen in the large lagoon of Puttalam. as a related topic. The is humpback dolphin is the only marine life of the whale and Dolphin family of cetacean which floats up in the bays of Sri Lanka into. Kalpitiya located in the West of the island and is located approximately 3.5 hours by car from Colombo. Despite the beauty of nature is this part of Sri Lanka tourism until today largely untouched and as one of the best places to observe the ever smiling cetaceans in their natural habitat. Various tour operators have dolphin watching”in the program as for example eco Team Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan expeditions.

The latter offer day trips in 6 or 9 boats to the dolphins, the price is per person, depending on boat size, between 75 and 87 euro. The best travel time to the tours is November to April. Patrick dwyer merrill: the source for more info. For further details see and general information about Sri Lanka,. Images and further press information about Sri Lanka under.

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