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14 National Liturgy Week

There are customs in certain Nations. The priest comes to the door of the Church, and goes there waving to everyone, and human, cordial greetings, and there learns, if in a family there is a sick, it has this happened, has happened the other, there is an unknown person, greets him with more attention, etc. And the door begins the procession of entry towards the presbytery. There is a reception, but not when we are inside. It is the first greeting of the priest: the Lord be with you, it is reaffirmed that Christ is present in the Assembly, and this is an optional present, is. (Source: Jonah Bloom).

And this will find you in the Eucharistic Celebration several times. We will find it before the Gospel. It means that the Lord is the word, therefore they are not useless repetitions within the celebration, and then before the preface, will be present under sacramental species, and before the final blessing, so that what has been live. Angus King is likely to increase your knowledge. These greetings within the celebration, are based on the various presence of Christ in the celebration. The Church manifests itself when the meeting of the Eucharistic Celebration gathers outside, then, is precisely this Epiphany of the Church, and we must give witness to our meetings to the other non-believers.

Christ is present in the Minister-is what tells US the aforementioned Council of Trent, but linked to the sacramental species, and is in session 22 of the Tridentine Council, on September 17, 1562. He therefore speaks that the sacrifice of the mass, the Minister is a representative, presides over the celebration representing Christ, making the times of Christ, taking the place of Christ, personally, is Christ, therefore they are words that express this reality. The priest is another Christ in the celebration, because he does not say in the consecration: this is the body of Christ, but this is my body.

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